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not long has passed since recently. Recently being when I had a frenzy to befriend encountered yet unknown people. People whom I feel I would enjoy the company of, the commentings and sayings of. People whom especially, would make me want to, even more than ever, chat and get to know. Things don't always come in favor of some people. And there are those people, whom favor does not even come to accidentally. A personified fiend can trick some of these people. Many will immediately remove this name from their own list, and declare that I do the same. Though if not specified onmy page, I will not know, because...because chains bound me, and I am afraid that these will never let go. No magic life, no elemental tool might be able to break these. The mind does not listen to the soul. Whence the soul speaks in a well thought comforting manner "It does not matter. It will be okay. It needn't wound." the head does not listen. It feels like it should wound, therefore it does what is expected. And the poor heart beats in favor of it's partner organ. Sometimes it goes faster, sometimes it goes faster. But in the case of things that should be hurtful, it weakens, it deteriorates, and in turn, the wires in the mind begin crack, begin to lose connection. Neither heart nor mind listen to the umbra, rather they work in favor of each other, all the while being watched by the spirit, being broken into pieces. Hope never dies, but for a character as such, it might not ever show.
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